Finding Joy Through the Pain

I haven't blogged since I wrote this post. It has been too difficult. There is emotional pain that comes through the process of healing from a sudden bout of Thyroid Storm and Congestive Heart Failure. But, it's not all bad pain.  Some of it is growing pain - learning pain - finding your true self pain.

Years ago I was a commercial artist.  My college education focused on fine art, illustration and photography.  After I became a mom, I found joy in scrapbooking and spending time with other scrapbookers.  I was selected to be on a couple scrapbook design teams.  I began sharing and blogging about scrapbooking and papercrafting and found joy in teaching others. Then the market crashed and the scrapbooking and crafting industry took a pretty big hit and multiple scrapbook companies went out of business - including the two companies that I was a design team member for.

After my design team days were over, I carried about the business of being a mom - a mom to three beautiful chil…
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